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Not to worry! After you install it, just go to the Settings app on your iDevice, then the Notification Center section, and find the SBSettings widget. Turn it on and your settings will always be available in a concise Notification Center panel. Search Cydia for SBSettings to download and install it for free. BiteSMS has always been one of the top jailbreak hacks that gets you a better, more feature-rich text messaging experience.

AppCenter puts your favorite apps inside your Notification Center menu.

It has been updated for iOS 5. Aside from allowing biteSMS to function inside of iOS 5, it adds support for Notification Center and a few nice visual enhancements, too. Search Cydia for biteSMS to download and install it for free although some services associated with the app cost money. Now it works with iOS 5, too. If your iDevice is providing a little eye strain and you don't mind your screen turning a little or a lot orange in the later hours of the day, it's a good tweak to have.

Despite the great improvements made in iOS 5, there are a surprising number of great jailbreak tweaks available. We couldn't fit them all on this list, so here are a few more worth checking out:.

List of iOS 5 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

The A. Filed to: Jailbreak Filed to: Share This Story. Club News. Share Tweet. FavoriteContacts makes it easy to pop your most frequent contacts into your Notification Center drop down menu. Intelliscreen is like all the previous widgets combined, and then stuck on your lock screen. Intelliscreen may make your lock screen look busy, but if "quick glance" tweets, RSS updates, and weather is what you're after, here's the solution.

NotificationCenter Enhancer lets your messages be as long as they want to be, and also lets you clear them out with just one tap instead of two.

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Click on one to launch Safari. This SBSettings theme looks pretty ugly, but there are very sleek themes you can download to make it look really natural. Newsstand is one of the most annoying parts of iOS 5. Because unless you buy magazines and newspapers, the app looks depressingly empty and can't be hidden. For music lovers, this is an awesome tweak. It hides in the notification center until you need it. BiteSMS is my favorite jailbreak tweak ever made.

Top 5 Best Cydia Tweaks, 2012 - iPad iOS 5.1.1 Edition

It takes everything about texting on the iPhone and makes it better. You get quick reply, quick compose, contact pictures in the message list, the ability to send messages on a schedule, timestamps on all messages and so much more.

It integrates nicely with iOS 5, as tapping a message in the notification center opens quick reply, instead of closing your current app to launch messages. Allowing me to shut off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other settings in seconds is one of the most awesome things ever. SBSettings has been around for as long as I can remember, Read More , and I stand by that claim.

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Now, with iOS 5, you can integrate SBSettings toggles directly into the notification center, if you do not want a separate pop out. Being able to get access to key settings right from your notification center is a huge time saver.