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Meanwhile, Sony continues to lag behind the competition on snapshots.

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You'll get some pretty great shots in strong lighting, but zoom in and there's still a bit of noise in view. It's just not at the kind of consistent level we expect from a pricey flagship in On the other hand, Sony's video shooting is ace thanks to its ability to capture 4K HDR footage with bit colour depth.

And its super slow-mo fps shooting goes to p resolution, while Samsung's is stuck at p. But these benefits seem secondary to a stellar everyday still shooter, so we'd say Samsung has the better all-around option here.

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Samsung's Galaxy S9 comes with the Exynos processor in the UK and many other countries, which leads the Android pack by a solid margin. It'll run the Snapdragon in the States, though, and benchmark tests show a little bit less speed from Qualcomm's chip. Ultimately, they're very comparable in speed when it comes to day-to-day usage, with no obvious advantage on either end. The Galaxy S9 sticks with the 3,mAh battery pack seen in last year's device, which was plenty enough to last a full day with moderate usage. The Xperia XZ2, on the other hand, nudges up to 3,mAh and has a lower-resolution screen to power.

In our testing, we found that the Xperia XZ2 had more staying power, drawing less battery life during a Netflix run-down test and lasting deeper into the day with heavy usage.

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That's a nice little advantage for Sony here, but it's not a massive one. Both of the phones offer fast charging and wireless charging capabilities, as well. And the two are also IP68 water and dust resistant, so you don't have to worry about a quick drop in a puddle. And you'll find 64GB of internal storage in both of these, along with microSD card support for extra storage — so that's a welcome perk all around. The Xperia XZ2 also has haptic sensors that deliver force feedback that matches the audio during games and features — a rumble feature, if you'd like, to borrow a term from the Nintendo 64 circa No, we don't think it's a very essential addition.

The Galaxy S9, on the other hand, bucks this trend by keeping the port. Nice one. As always, Samsung goes above and beyond with cool, albeit optional perks.

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All told, Sony has a nice edge on battery life, while Samsung has the more compelling perks. We're calling it a draw for this category, but you might be swayed more in one direction or the other. Sony's Xperia XZ2 shows some improvements for the downtrodden line, including a refreshed design, 4K HDR video shooting and a zippy Snapdragon inside to power things along. Still, this is the Galaxy S9 we're talking about.

Even if it's not a very major upgrade over last year's edition, the Galaxy S8 was our favourite smartphone for the last year, and no other phone really came close enough to change our minds. Now the Galaxy S9 tops our best smartphones list as of this writing - it's an incredibly impressive, well-rounded flagship phone that excels in every area.

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The XZ2's look doesn't pop as much, the screen isn't as crisp or colourful, and the camera disappoints a bit with still shots. They're about even on power and the Xperia's battery life impresses here, but Samsung's overall experience shines in a way that Sony's doesn't. There is a difference in price: If you're looking for a top-end Android right now, the Galaxy S9 is the best of the best. Galaxy S9. Xperia XZ2. Which is best? They also both come in six colour options including Coral Blue and Burgundy Red.

The S9 measures As mentioned, it offers an The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a 5. There is a microSD slot for storage expansion up to GB. A mAh battery capacity is under the hood of the Xperia XZ3 with quick charge 3. Both Samsung devices have AKG-tuned stereo speakers that support Dolby Atmos surround sound, while Sony has a stereo speaker with S-Force Surround and its Dynamic Vibration System is also on board, allowing users to add vibration to any content for a more immersive viewing experience.

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It is capable of super slow motion video of fps at Full HD and it has various AI features too including predictive capture. It offers optical image stabilisation, along with selective focus for background blur effect. Dual OIS is on board, along with live focus with bokeh effects.

Compare Samsung Galaxy On Nxt 64GB vs Sony Xperia XA1

Both devices therefore have Android at their core but the experience will be slightly different thanks to the software overlays. You'll also find additional features unique to each device, such as something called Side Sense on the Sony and Edge Sense on the Samsung devices.

The Sony Xperia XZ3 runs on the same hardware as the Samsung devices, while also offering a great design like the two Samsung's and a great display. In terms of performance, these three devices are likely to be on par, though Samsung might have the edge when it comes to low light camera performance. We will update this feature once we have reviewed the new Sony. YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter. All three devices being compared here are IP68 water and dust resistant.