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By setting inputType , we can facilitate input of different types of information, like phone numbers and passwords:.

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You can see a list of all available input types here. This would restrict the digits entered to just "0" and "1". We might want to limit the total number of characters with:. You can adjust the highlight background color of selected text within an EditText with the android: If you do not see these styles applied within a DialogFragment, there is a known bug when using the LayoutInflater passed into the onCreateView method.

show edittext - Android software keyboard switch between numeric and alphabetic programmatically

The issue has already been fixed in the AppCompat v23 library. See this guide about how to upgrade. Another temporary workaround is to use the Activity's layout inflater instead of the one passed into the onCreateView method:. Check out the basic event listeners cliffnotes for a look at how to listen for changes to an EditText and perform an action when those changes occur.

Traditionally, the EditText hides the hint message explained above after the user starts typing. In addition, any validation error messages had to be managed manually by the developer. Starting with Android M and the design support library , the TextInputLayout can be used to setup a floating label to display hints and error messages. Now the hint will automatically begin to float once the EditText takes focus as shown below:. We can also use the TextInputLayout to display error messages using the setError and setErrorEnabled properties in the activity at runtime:.

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Here we use the addTextChangedListener to watch as the value changes to determine when to display the error message or revert to the hint. TextInputLayout since the announcement of support design library v EditText with number keypad by default, but allowing alphabetic characters Here is what you are looking for: Define your EditText in your xml this way: Digit keyboard is shown first 1.

And set its onClick editText1. Basically, you need what Peter Boughton said. Updating Applications for On-screen Input Methods 3. Set alphanumeric keyboard to show numeric first in EditText try this android: Spinbox would be valuable there, but those fields may need leading zeros. There very useful ways to opt-in to the big button numeric keyboard, available for use in browsers today:.

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We can choose between following the specification and having a sub-optimal keyboard for numeric input on a large swath of devices, or we can explore other options to make this work. Perhaps unsurprisingly to veteran web developers, Firefox is closest to the specification here, with reliable, dedicated buttons for both decimal points and negative signs.

It could be text , number , et cetera. The big button numeric keyboard does not exist on the iPad variant of iOS—only on the iPhone version. It should be noted that functionally equivalent regular expressions with the same output do not show a numeric keyboard, e. Importantly, iOS on an iPhone does not let the user switch keyboard types when the big button numeric keyboard is displayed.

Entering true floating point numbers is simply not allowed, per the pattern explicitly defined.

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Take care to also note that the pattern attribute is overloaded to control HTML5 form validation. This forces developers to choose between a numeric keyboard or a more accurate validation pattern—e. Unfortunately, the pattern trick for big button numeric keyboards only works on iOS.

Specify the keyboard type

Other web browsers will display the default text keyboard when the whitelist iOS pattern attribute values are used, so we need to supplement this method with other techniques. Luckily, the web standards people have recognized this mess and have standardized an appetizing alternative: At time of writing, inputmode is not supported anywhere. Side note: Luckily, the pattern trick still ensures the large keypad on older iOS.

Large numbers longer than 16 digits are rounded in Firefox desktop, not Android or iOS.