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Terrible pay but good colleagues. The pay is terrible all basic staff get paid the same minimum wage no matter a persons skills or experience. Unpaid lunches. The only reason you will stay in this job is because nearly all the colleagues are great. Management is pretty flexible when it comes to shifts but they also expect you to work none stop with maximum effort despite the pay not being worth it. Unless you are a student or have no other options don't work here.

Horrible targets but good people. Minimum wage. No advances unless minimum wage is increased or you go to management. Outside of peak the store is so quiet you're required to clean for the majority of your days, which is okay but when you're up against nearly 10 targets to hit weekly and monthly, it isn't. A lot of stress gets put onto hitting these targets and a lot of the time you need to make 'deals' with the customers in order to get them to buy certain things. G Cable attachments for TVs.

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The staff are friendly depending on which department you get put onto. Some mangers constantly change rota but they're mostly very supportive with university student employees and can change the timetable around a lot. I found it's very good as well for taking unpaid leave. Productive, Fun workplace.

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Work within a team of people with different backgrounds and experiences. Always sell the latest electronics, good training provided by the company and opportunities to be moved up through the company. Too much pressure for a student. I worked here while I was still in secondary school and the job was a lot of pressure to handle on top of studying.

I received a lot of product training, which was interesting, but very little in regards to customer service, which was difficult considering this was my first job and there were some situations I didn't know how to handle. However, I think this was down to the store where I worked and not the company in general. A member of staff I worked closely with often didn't help me when I asked for it and I felt I wasted a lot of time in trying to figure out how to do things by myself while I had customers waiting.

It does seem like a good place to work if you enjoy technology and sales, with a lot of incentives provided for making best sales. I wouldn't recommend if you're trying to balance working with studying etc.

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Great experience. Very memorable time working here as the team at the store always looked out for each other. Management was always very supportive and offered help whenever needed without being too demanding on targets and performance. All that was required was to work at the best of your ability and go through the customer journey properly. This would ultimately achieve targets. Time of when needed was usually granted with great understanding and support. Very diverse team and overall great atmosphere to work in. Good workplace. Currys PC world is a good place to work.

You have to have high energy to meet all the targets.

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If targets are not your thing don't even apply because it's targets targets targets!!!!!!! Currys PCW. Really friendly colleagues when the managers weren't complaining about you talking even while there were almost no customers in store and the sales position meant that it was very target driven meaning the managers were constantly breathing down your neck, but other than that the job was good fun. Fun and eye opening.

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The job is eye opening to what the world of work is like, you get to experience working with the public, stacking shelves, having your own area to look after and maintain, make great new friends for life, and tests your knowledge whilst you learn something new everyday. Managers are there to support and help you when you're struggling whilst keeping your morale up during difficult times. The hardest part was changing department but then coming to the conclusion that i wanted to leave, not only leaving the only job i've had but leaving the world of work that i know along with the great managers and staff.

The job itself was fun and different from day to day. I took a while to get in to the swing of things due to having no sales expereience but the staff around me helped whenever i needed it, The management, however, were the reason i left. They wouldn't sign me off on trainnig i had finished stopping me from being able to progress past my induction title, punished me for trying to progress and gain experience from other members of staff. I would encourage people to work for the company but maybe not in the store i worked in..

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Friendly workplace with educative staff. The stores of the group, also the online options, offer the Price Match , that is a refund of the difference if the customer finds later that he could have bought the item for less.

Excited to find out more about the discounts at Pc World? Glance throughout our leaflet online, with all the best promotions updated for you. All the stores offer extra convenience to their clients with few options that just help to make their life easy, such as collecting items ordered online, recycling old, unwanted electricals for free, a breakdown cover for all the purchases that are less than one year old, booking installations, both for articles bought in other stores and for the ones of their stores.

Their products vary from the best laptops of the market, from Mac ones to Windows laptop, to televisions, gaming and cameras , with all the best that technology can offer. Do you want to find the stores closest to your house?