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Not being able to paste or undo with keyboard shortcuts hampered my workflow. The cursor doesn't quite keep up when you're typing quickly either, so there's a bit of visual turbulence as your fingers fly, and without automated spell check in the Word doc, it's hard to correct errors -- sometimes you will see suggestions appear on the phone screen, all the way down by your elbow.

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I do like the freedom of seeing what I'm doing on a larger, easier-to-read screen, but I'd much rather use a laptop for projects. Besides Continuum, Windows 10 brings some nice additions to the Lumia While every other phone is embracing the fingerprint reader in various locations, Microsoft carried over Windows Hello, its iris-scanning biorecognition software, from the Surface tablet to the phone. Even in beta mode, Windows Hello has been working quickly and accurately to sign me in when I peer into the front-facing camera -- much of the time.

It sometimes won't recognize you in certain lighting conditions, but there's a PIN for backup, and you can improve accuracy by running it again and again in various lighting scenarios so it creates a larger library of your authentic eyes. It even recognized me through my glasses, although you'll need to take them off on your setup scan. Setup was easy, though the app is hard to find -- get to it through Accounts or Lock screen submenus.

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In settings, you set the allotted interval required to sign in this way, and you can use it to authorize changes to the phone and buy apps. Iris scanning isn't faster or easier than a fingerprint scan, and depends too much on lighting to get it right. It's a unique way to sign in, but not always better.

Windows 10 overall gives the Lumia a much cleaner, more sophisticated look in every menu, from the settings array to the way you choose your themes. The app store looks great but still doesn't have all I need -- see below , and there are a few extras lurking in the menus, including the ability to double-tap nav bar to turn off the screen but not back on again.

Cortana is a good voice-controlled personal assistant, and the ability to download offline maps is a real perk, especially when you're traveling in rural areas or cities abroad, and Wi-Fi and data are limited. Yes, Google Maps has an offline feature that lets you save a specific map area that you already navigated to, for 30 days. The built-in Here maps app lets you download maps for an entire city or region to use any time, so long as you have enough space.

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There have always been hard-to-pinpoint things about the operating system that don't seem to work as smoothly as they should, because they seem tiny enough to ignore, like when I email a photo, the Outlook logo takes over the screen until the pictures send. Disturbing this threatens to cancel your email.

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If the new features of the operating system are decent or at least promising , one aspect of buying a Windows phone remains a compromise at best, and a dealbreaker at worst: For starters, Google refuses to support the platform, which means that the services I rely on daily for work and personal life -- Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Docs -- are accessible only through third-party apps or through the Web.

While Microsoft does have an extensive network of its own similar services, like OneDrive, it's a hassle to switch for people like me who are already firmly ingrained in Google's online world. The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for The Pixel 3's camera already makes it a standout -- but useful Google software elevates Featuring a novel in-screen fingerprint reader, the OnePlus 6T is neck-and-neck with other Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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Microsoft Lumia review: Microsoft Lumia black Part: Lumia black. Microsoft Lumia white lumiawhite. The phone will receive software updates until December Australian carrier Telstra has claimed the Lumia has connectivity issues on their network. Both the Lumia and XL were reported to experience reboots and crashes after their release. The Lumia was generally well-received, with most reviewers commending the high-end specifications and camera performance, but finding the design to be less "premium" than competing flagships, and the app ecosystem to be less comprehensive than Android or iOS.

Daniel Rubino of Windows Central described the phone as packing "all the bells and whistles that Windows Phone fans have been clamoring for all in one device".

Microsoft Lumia review: A disappointing Windows 10 flagship - CNET

The review particularly praised the camera, including image quality as well as features like Rich Capture and Living Images; overall verdict for the camera was "quite phenomenal". The phone's design was called "practical, but not beautiful", and features like Windows Hello and Continuum were reported to be working well, albeit with some issues. The Windows 10 Mobile operating system and its app selection were pointed out as the biggest weaknesses.

GSMArena rated the Lumia very highly, saying that the phone "lives up to the hype and delivers on all advertised promises".

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The review highlighted the specifications, display and camera as being "top-notch" and found both Windows Hello and Continuum to be working "as advertised". While some faults were found with the design, battery life and price, the review concluded with: It's an eagerly anticipated phone and The main downsides were seen to be the design and app selection, while battery performance was determined to be average. Edward C. Baig of USA Today commended the camera and replaceable battery, while describing the hardware specifications as "robust".

However, new features like Windows Hello and Continuum were considered not to be "fully baked", and the design was described as less premium than competing flagships. The reviewer concluded by saying: Matthew Miller of ZDNet described the design as "an uninspiring, simple rectangular form factor", but acknowledged the practical advantages of plastic over materials like glass or aluminum.

The Windows app ecosystem was seen as lacking in both quantity and quality compared to Android and iOS, and the reviewer expressed concern over the performance of the OS itself, although commending a number of features like "the Action Center, the awesome keyboard and predictive text engine, and reader mode in the browser".

Todd Haselton of TechnoBuffalo commended the inclusion of a dedicated camera key and overall imaging capabilities, but criticized the design and said the user interface of Windows 10 Mobile "feels unfinished". The reviewer gave the phone a "Don't Buy" rating, recommending readers to wait for an improved successor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Microsoft Lumia Microsoft Lumia Windows Central.

Mobile Nations. As such, you may struggle to read web pages and apps with a predominantly white background outdoors and in bright sunlight. The bigger screen also means a larger chassis, and therefore room for a higher-capacity battery. The Lumia XL has a 3,mAh battery, which will comfortably get you through the day with some to spare.

Of course, the replaceable battery also means you should never be caught short, if you care to buy a couple of spares.

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